Teifling Paladin


Medium Armor and Longswords.
She wields her sword one handed and gets +2 damage from a feat.
Legendary for her elegant fighting style which is surprisingly brutal and is concealed only by her agility on the field.
She can channel celestial energy into her sword for purposes of warfare and destruction, and isn’t afraid to call on this when she has to lay her blade to a foe.
She’s generally good natured, though her demon heritage prompts promiscuity, indulgence, conceit, avarice, and unconditional fury at times.
She altruistically dreams of a peaceful world, but became a warrior instead of a priest because she knew she’d never be happy unless she could at least kill something. Tiefling.jpg


When she was born, she was never afforded the chance to meet her parents. She was raised in an all girls orphanage orphanage, by two kind caretakers Clothos and Lachesis, and one not so kind, Atropos. It’s never easy for a half demon girl to get along in life, especially when she’s in such an unwelcoming world. But she learned humility as a child, as well as humanity. She ran away from the orphanage at 17 after seriously injuring Atropos for attempting to abuse her in a carnal way. The hag was less than successful. Aliyana’s heritage made her strong. She fled to the woods and began living with a cult of druids. She learned of the beauty of nature, and of magic that can heal. She was forever plagued by dreams of chaos and destruction, which brought her into great contention with herself, feeling her demon heritage clash with her mortal morality. So she learned to scry. She learned to divine. She learned ancient rituals that would allow her to look past our field of sight and into planes where creatures beyond humanity walk. Eventually, she made it into hell. Here, she met her mother, the Archdemon Ixtab. Ixtab prophesized great things for her and tricked her briefly into fighting for hell in the never-ending war of the outer planes, but Ixtab met the soul of her father who had been rescued by celestials from her Lillith’s clutches. He had been part of a sinister ritual to breed a child of pure demon lineage on Earth. She was to be hell’s messiah. She was born in a pool of the fresh blood of her father, slain moments before her birth. When she was pulled from the pool, she was human and her mother abandoned her in the mortal world, leaving her to starve and die at an altar in the woods as punishment for her inferiority. The celestials were the ones who had taken her to that orphanage and watched out for her, and they were the ones who showed her this now. She rebuked her mother’s offer and had the celestials return her to Earth where she began to serve the spirits as a paladin, battling evil and preparing for the day when she can kill her mother and punch a new hole in hell. [[File:439107 | class=media-item-align-none | Tiefling_2.jpg]]


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