Sphinx Round 2

1st adventure

It begins

In summary, the group found themselves being lured in by orcs to a surprise attack led by the Kushanian general, Falcon. Falcon and his men made short work of the Band of the Wolf. That pretty-boy Falcon even chopped off Symond the Wolf’s head in one shot of a wand with a skull at the end of it. What a dick. But at least he spared you guys and Rickert, the “Baby” era Justin Bieberesque engineering prodigy, if only to serve as his messengers to let King Alexander of Midland know of the massacre on his territory near the border.
Lady Janis, one of the King’s Lords and her bodyguards, Brand and Dagger escorted the party from the town of Samael’s Well to the King’s palace itself to meet the royals. Alexander did not seem too surprised to hear of the attack, as Queen Casca had been having visions through the nights leading up to your arrival of a black Falcon making its attack and your party’s entrance to the Kingdom.
Alexander explained the importance of stockpiling magical weapons at a faster rate than that of the Kushan empire in order to fend off the attacks and win the inevitable war. Alexander was perplexed by the rate at which the Kushanians seemed to be clearing. Alexander appointed your party as new “clearers”, tasked with invading these mysterious dungeons that have been appearing at random lately head on, but warned you of the shockingly high mortality rate that comes with the job. Luckily, he sent one of his top men, Esidisi, along with you all as a guide and scholarly resource.
The encountered their first magical dungeon, less than 30 miles from the town of Baran. The realm entrance bore the runes spelling “Poison”. The party made short work of the clear, using their wit and brawn to make it past a territorial carrion crawlers, trick a team of dim-witted bullywogs to become their minions and valiantly defend them from a massive sewer rat (R.I.P.), make it through a gas chamber of a hallway, vanquish a weird knight scientist, find his home in a gargantuan tree-turned-laboratory, and make it to the area asshole, a hard hitting Ettin.
Fortunately for the party, the Ettin was a dipshit and was tricked into thinking it was trapped in a fiery cage. I guess two heads aren’t better than one. After duking it out, the party found the magical item that the Ettin was guarding, a mysterious five foot tall hookah. What could the purpose of this item be? What curse or blessing will it bring to the kingdom? Will Esidisi cry more masculine tears of glory? Come to the next session to find out…


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